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You've somehow managed to stumble upon my little space in this vast and virtual world we call the internet! *gasp* Now that you're here, perhaps I should start off with a little introduction about myself?

☆Name: Liser☆ though many call me by different names.

☆Age: Currently stuck somewhere in the transition between teenager to adult. It's probably impossible, but I'll somehow unstuck myself and move on.

☆Birthday: Jan 11

☆Background: CANADIAN!! But if you really want to know my background, it's asian. (^-^)v

Hmm, this is a tough one as I have a lot. Well, besides being a nerd and having a love/hate relationship with studying, I'm a writer of mostly fanfiction with some original stuff on the side.
I am also an "artist" though I fail at drawing doujinshi! XD Despite that, I had a comic published in the English Gundam 00 Anthology Project!.
And finally, I'm a lover of music♪~♪, movies, dramas, reading, video gaming, singing horribly, and being a fangirl!! lol~ And if it's still there somewhere in me, a dreamer~ *bricked for cornyness* XD
☆Current Fandoms...
Prince of Tennis, Tenimyu, Bleach, Gundam 00, Kingdom Hearts, Kattun, Big Bang, Ouran High School Host Club, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, JE, Star Wars amongst many others =D

☆Journal contains...
Well, it really depends how I'm feeling during updates. Usually stuff on my everyday life mixed in with fangirling, reviews about movies, books etc, major abuse of CAPS!!, ranting, fandom shipping, crack? XD I blame Tenipuri and Tenimyu!, crazy shenanigans and maybe, hidden deep somewhere in there is something deep and meaningful. Maybe.

This is a Friends Only journal! Feel free to friend as I'm always happy to meet new people. But please comment~ That's probably the only way I'm going to get to know you through comments on my posts. And yes, I will read your journal and comment on your posts as well. >=D For better or for worst, I want to know the people who friend me. =)

Journal Header is drawn by me based on an inside joke/event that took place. Journal Layout was edited by me using a layout originally by grrliz on thefulcrum as a template. Profile layout was made by matsu found on mintyapple.